Hi, my name is Milda, I am from Lithuania, family photographer based in Trondheim, Norway.

I have photographed in many different styles. It has been a long journey and through it all, the photos that have remained as the most meaningful to me are those that have a real story behind them. 

I am in love with people's stories and I am passionate about capturing real life just as it happens. I prefer using a documentary approach to all my photography, because it allows me to tell your story in an authentic way, capturing the real human connections and natural beauty of everyday life.

I have learned to go with the flow in almost everything. But just as importantly, I have also learned that people all have their own unique ways of seeing, celebrating and facing life. We might go through similar situations, but the way we handle them is what makes us unique.

The most challenging - and the most rewarding - part of my job is showing off each person's individuality through my photography.

There is amazing beauty in transforming a fleeting moment into a piece of art that will always remind you of the people you love and the reasons you love them so dearly.
It would be my privilege to do that for you.

Storytelling Sessions are  family photography sessions where I join you with my camera while you spend time together. I quietly notice the emotion, the beauty, the energy, the connections – the LOVE – in your family and artfully reflect it back to you in photos that you will cherish for a lifetime, or several lifetimes.


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